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After we've twirled on Clapham Common till our arms have dropped off and every last hair on our body is singed, what is everyone planning on doing afterwards?
It would be cool to get the million or so poi-people together and go for a mental clubbing escapade in London on the Saturday night.
What about Pendragon or Undertow or Kundalini or Viaduct or any suggestions?
If no-one wants to come then I'm quite happy to go out on my own, I just thought I'd invite everyone first!

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Hi Noona, great thinking. It'd be lovely to keep the party going, but need to find somewhere that can fit a million people in and not too expensive.

Quite a few of us are planning to attend the Liquid Connective 2nd Birthday gathering somewhere in the Kent woodlands. It's going to be very, very lovely as lots of amazing people overflowing with creativity and energy are putting it together. It means that we can dance under the stars and keep on spinning into the dawn. Music is most probably psy-trance with other stuff mixed in.

The only major downer is that it's likely to be a car only journey so might be inaccessible to people I think my car's already full. Unfortunately I don't know where it is and what the train+cab prospects are like. Are any of the sheffield lot driving down? If not can they be persuaded? It'd be well worth it, trust me!

For those London bound Pendragon is at the Fridge, always a bit dodgy, Undertow I ain't been to for a while but was good, Kundalini is on the Friday, and the Viaduct isn't really a great venue.

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What time is PIP goin on to?? I'd love to come the after thing but won't be drivin' But hey it's gona be a riot. Can't wait to see soooooooooo many spinners in the same place.

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Waheyyyyyyyy! Wicked idea Dom, I'm well up for that, outdoor free parties kick ass!

I think the plan is that Kato is driving us down with PK. It's not exactly written in stone yet, but i'm sure that the party animal that he is he'd probably be up for it, I'll ask him.

As for other Sheffielders driving down, I heard that spiky Rich was driving but who knows?

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hmm...where abouts in the kent woodlands is this happening? i'm assuming its around rochester/ maidstone/gillingham type area cos i think thats where the raves end up... being formally a woman of kent (or a kentish woman...there is a difference!) i thought i might try and help.

If you're gonna do cabs from clapham its probably going to set you back about 60quid...although don't quote me on that if it gets into time-and-a-half hours; cars - it'll be about 1hr drive bombing it down if drivers are interested - i've got a car but if it happens i'll probably end up staying with mates so there might not be a lift back for people... if its gonna be a train thing, you'll probably need to leave clapham about 10 if not earlier cos the train takes AGES and then it'll be at least a good 20quid for a taxi from a station to various parts of the countryside...i wouldn't recommend getting stranded in kent, its as boring as hell

RAH! i'm quite excited actually, but uni work means my mateys might not be able to escort me... anyone else going as a loner? (obviously just until we meet some lovely new friends!)

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to be confirmed laura
me you and kato are in spikey rich's car. he called me earlier to tell me her has 17/18 off work and can drive so better be safe than sorry than go in kato's banger and breakdown on the M1.
I will let you know as soo as i can.
I will be seeing kato and Jo derry at the arches tomorrow afternoon i hope.
so i will probably know more then.


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Liquid Connective
18th May 2002
Another Psychedelic Affair with Mother Nature Second Birthday Gathering

Outdoors in Kent

Info line 07814 97 5678 (after 9pm - dont leave messages please!)

Two years on from a very magical moment that brought together the Liquid Connective and connected so many others with infinite consequence we are gathering back in the woods. Celebrating life, the sun and the moon, the earth and ourselves, come connect, create and celebrate.

The location is in a beautiful forest, on private land. For directions of the night please call the info line (please dont leave messages) after 9pm. Those travelling by train may want to gather in Victoria station, London or from Kent stations be ready to catch the next train after 9pm.

We start the evening at 10pm and continue to 2pm Sunday afternoon. Three areas have been established liquid psychedelic trance area, liquid lounge, kids space-sacred healing space.

Confirmed input from:

DJs Liquid Ross, Tim McGregor, Liquid Djems, Tom Fu and Liquid Elf (liquid connective), Moonflower (alchemy records), Entropy (tryptamine/liquid connective) Stella Nutella (turbo trance records/flying rhino/organic records) Dave Arc-I (ambient all stars), Chameleon (ID Spiral), Odo (samothraki/ambient all stars), Nick Interchill (interchill records), Kelton (field of dreams) and Symmetrik (180 degrees/corrosive breaks).

Live Musical Performances Sun Honey Temple, Space Goats, Kakatsitsi (master drummers from Ghana) and many other musicians to confirm.

Live Video Wizardry Performance Liquid Crystal Vision, Spidermind, Liquid Djems, Dom Spiral, Point of Light and Earwax.

Interactive Performance Frontline Faeries, Liquid Faeries, the Invisible Circus, Jabbawonky, Faeriology and Comic Peace.

Sound and Light Audio Reality, Liquid l-s-d, Arc-I, Mad Brother Vision and Liquid Crystal Vision.

Dcor Liquid Drops, Drops of Liquid, Mr Rossi Consumable Sustainability Organic/Vegan Caf Juice Bar, Happy Herbs.

Interactive Art Installation

Loads more to confirm . . .

You are welcome to bring your art and energy, connect, create and be part of this gathering.

Please remember we are gathering in Mother Nature it is important to respect the land, others we encounter on the journey and ourselves. Please be ever conscious of the environment and cause as little impact as possible.

If travelling by car, please park off the road and with respect to others parked. Please lift share where possible. If travelling by public transport, please respect the local villages and people you may encounter. And remember to feel love and enjoy life, celebrate and create.

This event is financed my the magic hat so feel free to donate and help future events.

C U there . . .

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