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I'm sure many people on this board perform and my question is how do u know when u are ready to perform. Obviously there is no standard definition of when u can start performing, but are there any skills/tricks/anything that must be attained before performing?

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Hi,Personnally I think it's a matter of self confidence and honesty.You have to be confident enough in your own skills and honest with yourself to know if you are 'good' enough to perform.When you'll be ready you will know it
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But if you want to perform don't forget to read your safety manual of the perfect fire twirler
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In fact there are no standart... you can perform if you want to... there is nothing to lose if you follow the safety advices.I have seen a girl not knowing how to do a weave performing in front of hundreds of people... I was a bit nervous cause she was not very good at all but she had confidence and every body was looking at her saying 'Wooowww and HHaaaa Sooo Beautifull'Every thing you can do with fire will look beautifull...Good luck,Dask


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(psst, register with the board so people can see where you're from possibly email you.)Since you haven't registered I don't know how long you've been reading the posts. You may want to search for other threads about this topic. There are many that are similar. If you haven't used the search yet it's an invaluable tool.Near the New Topic button there is a row of words. One being Search. That will allow you to search through all the threads (past and present) and find what you're looking for.From talking with the others I have a feeling you may know when ready.I think it's when you think you can comfortably do a show that lasts long enough for an audience. Whatever that means. It seems to be when you can get in front of them and do the spinning stuff without dropping them constantly and not catching anyone on fire. In other words, look professional. For some this might take a year, for others a month. It's all in how you feel about yourself.Good luck.------------------"Except for that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you like the play?"Pyromorph - Let the fire change you

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As far as tricks go variety does count I say this because it would be boring just to see someone going from foraward weave into reverse for 10 minutes. So if you do a short set with a handful of well practiced moves confidently people will enjoy it. Ultimatley it is up to the induvidual when he/she will perform.Dont worry about being able to do 5 beat behind the back weave as most of the time an audience is too mashed to realise what your doing
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Besides talent, skill and confidence it depends on the audience too. If your standard audience is the general public then they will always be "WOWed" by fire whether you're good or not.On the other hand if you're performing for people who are regularly exposed to this artform then I think you'd want to be fairly proficient, lest thee be judged yourself. The Wick Effect perform mostly at outdoor psytrance parties - these gatherings go hand in hand with firedancing, therefore we really need to be technically impressive in order to win the audience. otherwise they come away thinking "yeah, just another fire show"On the other hand, I used to perform for tourists in a ski resort in Canada. in retrospect I wasn't very good and only had knowledge of the single staff but the audience were still impressed, most of them having never seen such a thing before.Friends and family generally always love to see someone close to them perform. were you ever made to do stupid dances and sing cute little songs to bring joy to your family?? so, whether you're ready or not can depend on audience.------------------"she dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug"

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