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  Posted: For all you psytrance bush doofers living near Melbourne, Earthcore this weekend (12.04.02 -> 14.04.02) will feature quote:Comprehensive program ranging from healing through to practical learning experiences.
Drumming, didge, yoga, and not forgetting basketcase weaving for Sunday afternoon drivellers.
Also back by popular demand the communal sculpture experience that will rise out of the earth
only to be torched in a frenzied neo-pagan ritual at the completion of the event.
Reminding us all of the inherently futile nature of this type of activity, our existence and the wrath
facing us on Tuesday when we try to explain why we weren't where we should have been on Monday.They're gunna torch up heaps, an we'll be there being silly amongst it!
Fire + doof + bush = phun!
So, assuming that readers of this board (boardreaders?boredreaders!) are into pyro-art - giz' a shout if yer wanna come cos we've won extra tickets for it from mailing list!
Flame on n on!

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  Posted:A big cheezy grin! I will see you there!


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