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Location: england

the Poi force is strong in this 1 !!!country that is...lets show it at the b.j.c.poi workshops for those not banded with local brethren/sisteren? yet
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and big groups of fire people mmmmmmmyayayayay
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Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Heey, good plug for a good weekend,I have insider information that Orange is going to be teaching 2 Poi classes1 on the fri early evening and 2 on the sat dinnertime. (should be good workshops - this orange dude has got a lot of style when he spins
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I left some details for BJC somewhere around here, its whitstable in kent (but the thread seems to have been hijacked by lovely talk of french things)At the last count, theres at least 35 (!!) of the london crowd going, not all Poi people, but all groovers.Quite a few of us are planning to go down on thursday evening after work.1 week, yeppiee.Drew

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Location: London UK

So who is going by train Thurday after work??FYI It takes 1.41 min and is 12.15 return witha young persons rail card, 18.40 without.London Victoria - Whitstable 28.03.02 17:53 19:14 1:21 18:13 19:40 1:27 18:35 19:53 1:18 19:05 20:27 1:22 19:35 20:55 1:20 20:05 21:23 1:18 Now I work in Victoria so it's easy for me
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For those going by train We could agree a time and desend on Whitstable on mass
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