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Right, is anybody up for sorting out and getting together for a beltane fire festival? I've got no ideas for location, but somewhere a reasonable sized bonfire could be lit would be cool, to do some fire twirling and jumping the bonfire (a good old pagan tradition!) any takers?------------------Trance the sacred spiral dance.Love and LightSpiral

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I have the phone number for the headcharge rig. But it might be too late to do anything about it now. I'm sure there are other avenues to pursue though.


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Woohoo! Me and me mate Dimitri are on our way up (just booked tix)...see you asll on Carlton Hill 9Is that thje cobbled street going up to the Castle ? or the one with the great view of the City?)
yay big fire gatherings!

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How great was Beltain even if i have only had 4 hours sleep and spent most of two days traveling cheers dibs for showing me round and keeping me stuff safe, your a star. dave and dom hope to see you to again some time your set was tight (hows the head today) happy Beltain everyone

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