Posted:for all you burners...diana said;OK, here's an idea. My pal Sue is putting up another fire installation this year, called The Chamber of Creation:
This is an elaboration of her ring of fire from previous years, which she designed expressly as a fire performance venue. I don't know how "performable" this year's effort will be, but it'd be a good place to meet and play. How 'bout Thursday night at sundown? and some of us said we'd be there...Katinca and I will be there, at Sundown (ie around 20 minutes after the sun has actually set and it's beginning to get properly dark) on thursday night...we are staying with Spiral Oasis somewhere in Infant. I'm 6'1" brown shoulder length dreads, and Australian. Kate is about 5'5", long blonde hair and a good looking Aussie girl
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. If you see us, dont be afraid we mean you no harm!
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come say hi, it's always hard to hook up with ppl at big events, and I'm expecting this one will be crazy.nomad suggested a tuesday night meeting, at the same place.Kate and I will be there at 20mins after sunset on Tuesday night.hope to meet some of you soon
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Posted:Josh is good looking too! and I'm willing to bet that he'll be wearing baggy pants and a t-shirt.

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Posted:i think definately that motif, possibly in a dark green color? have fun josh wish i could be there in person as well as in spirit.

anyone got a light?