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Hey all,Just telling you all. Josh, Justine, Ben and I, will be putting on the Fire in the Park this Friday night. So if you want to come along to a burn or just to hang out. Here are the details:Its on the island of the lake in Rymil Park. If thats too hard, I tell you go to the end of Grenfel Street, or Rundle Street, and its in the park across the road. Wonder around the park looking for a large body of water. And we are in the middle of it.It kicks off at 9.30pm, and there will be some tunes provided by a large stereo, and a CD played. If anyone has spare AA batteries, we might need them too, if we want the tunes to go all night
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Anyway thats the plan. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail me. Now that we have a phone again we have theinternet again.
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