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I tried to post this, but I'm not sure if it took...darn computers. Anyway, I'm going to be visiting Pensacola, FL and Indian Shores, FL (Tampa/Clearwater) sometime between Dec. 14 and Jan. 14. Is there anything cool, or should I say hot going on? I'll mostly be in Indian Shores. Where can we hang to burn? Would anyone be up to a beach party? Can we do fire on the beach there? We did fireworks, so I'm assuming that it's cool untill someone in uniform tries to stop me. Also, are there any bellydancers or bellydance stuff that any of you know about?

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hi Missy! i'm from the Clearwater area, and just attended my first fire meet on Clearwater Beach this past Saturday, and from what i understand its a regular weekly thing! i'm sure the CrazyRaverDude will see this soooooon and hook ya up with more info.. hope to get to meet ya when you visit!
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I'm in Pensacola we spin whenever pretty much lol... kinda cold here though. Send me a message if you want, we'll spin.

fire, it's what's for spinners.

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