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HiI will be in st james park (nearest bit of field to the trafalgar square entrance, you will see me 'cause I will be spinning my practise poi) on sunday from 2:00pm until boredom sets in!!!Everyone is welcome to join me and have a random spin.This message is not just for members of fireweavers but for anyone who wants to come.Look forward to seeing all you peopleDave[This message has been edited by Jez (edited 02 November 2001).]

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:P can't come on sundays, got a piano lesson.Saturdays I can tho... If anyone expresses interest on coming on sat like 1 I might be able to... write back if interested, otherwise I wont bother.Btw, I hope all you fireweavers check our email out regularly.

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Was going to turn up, but last minute change of plans meant I ended up in Brighton insted. Hope it was fun.Dom*begin plug*Don't forget - there's always Just Jugglers on Wednesday evenings in Brixton (Methodist Church up Brixton Hill, by Elm Park road)*end plug*

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