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The East Coast Burning Man Communities present PLAYA del FUEGO MK II: The Next Level (our tenth East Coast Burning Man Gathering) October 19th-21th, 2001 https://www.playadelfuego.org/
------------------------------------------------------------------ THE EVENTThree days and two nights of feasting, burning company, burning artand general craziness at a new location! Keep the desert spirit alivefrom the Big Burn. Celebrate our East Coast flavored burningcommunity. Bring your art, stories, music, performance and anythingelse creative!We've some great times on Assateague Island in the past, but haveoutgrown the ability of the Park Service to manage our events, so wehave relocated to private land. This is our rubicon as a Burning Mancommunity, new territory, new challenges and many new friends.In a nutshell: * $20 per person in advance, $35 at the gate. This covers land use, porta-johns, fire wood and insurance. See the ticket link in order to purchase tickets. Please buy in advance if possible. We need to cap attendance at 500 due to limits on our event insurance. PLEASE NOTE! This is our first event that requires ticket sales. There is no such thing as a "reservation" as there has been in past Beach events. This is a whole new ballgame, so the *only* way to ensure admissions is to purchase a ticket now. Tickets are limited to 500. There is no guarantee that tickets will still be available at the gate. Tickets are not refundable. * Advance tickets may be purchased with PayPal or credit card through October 16. Cash only at the gate. * Fenced private land which allows public nudity without worrying about park rangers citing the nudists among us. * The ability to have music run late. * No more worrying about placing the fire below the high tide line. * Seven acres of space for whatever art projects or performance we care to do. * We have exclusive use of the land for the weekend, just us! * Better located for folks coming from Philadelphia, NY and other points north and the midwest.Things to note (and differences from Assateague): * There is no running water, just like the desert you need to bring your own water, showers, etc. * All dogs must be on a leash. You are responsible for cleaning up after them. * The seven acres are part of the larger parcel of land owned by our hosts. Some areas of event area are OFF LIMITS. Please respect our hosts wishes, stay away from the trailers, clubhouse and flagpole area. See the site map at bottom. The flagpole area is especially sacred as it contains ashes of war veterans, respect it as you would any memorial. * Parking: No need for parking permits. You can drive in to the camp area, drop your heavy stuff and then park back near the entrance. * Tickets can be bought in advance here for $20 or $35 at the gate. We strongly recommend that you buy tickets in advance. If we have to sell a bunch at the gate, then this could cause quite a backup on the rural road that is the only access.Want more basic info? Visit https://www.playadelfuego.org/
------------------------------------------------------------- THE LOGISTICSLocation: Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club, 474 Flemings Landing Roadin Townsend, DE. this new location is about about 2.5 hours fromWashington, 1.5 hours from Baltimore, an hour from Philadelphia andabout 3 hours from New York.Directions: * Baltimore, DC, Richmond and points south: I-95 North to US50 East. 50 East to 301 North. Veer/turn right at 299 East at Middletown. Go thru town (Odessa) very small and quaint, don't speed. Turn left at sign where indicated to stay on 299 East. After 500 feet this turns into 9 South. Go 7 miles on 9 South (twists/turns). Bear right at sign to stay on 9 South. VVMC is on the right, there is a sign. Alternately you could take 95 all the way to 896/301 South to 299 east. * Philadelphia: I-95 South to 495 South around Wilmington. Get off 495 at US 13/40 South (exit 1). Take 13 South to Odessa and proceed as above. * NY, NJ and points north: I-95 to 495 South and proceed as from Philadelphia. Alternately take 295 or the NJ Turnpike across the Delaware Memorial bridge to US13/40 South and proceed as above.Note that Rt 9 has several names, it just happens to be named FlemingsLanding Road at the motorcycle club address. There is a sign thatsays "Fire Base Lloyd" at the entrance as well as a smaller signsaying "Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club".Times:We have the site from Friday morning until 3 PM Sunday afternoon. ------------------------------------------------------------- InfrastructureEight porta-johns will be provided. There is a stage approximatelythree feet high by 12 X 10. It has electricity and a roof. All DJ'sand bands will be coordinated through Alicia Miziolek, see thePerformer's FAQ for details. Please contact her if you want to spinor play. The electricity is for the main stage only! Don't plan onplugging in your RV or espresso machine.There is a central pavilion with tables as well. It has noelectricity, but it does have three grills, two 55 gallon drums and a4x4 grill. Bring your own grill if you want, these three grills willno doubt be in high demand.There is no running water anywhere on the site. The entrance has agatehouse where you will check in. A dumpster will be provided for usat the entrance gate as well. Other trash receptacles will be on siteas well.. There are showers in old trailers, but... don't plan onusing them. They are cold water only, quite dirty and the water isnot potable. ------------------------------------------------------------- CampingSee the site map for the camping area. Most people will camp in theregular camping area, but the region at the top of the diagram can beused for larger camp/art installations. We wanted to have an area forinteractive camps where there could be music, drumming or even justconversation all night long without disturbing those who really dowant to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------- Supplies - Warm clothing. - Trash bags! You will need several in camp. Bring a trash can if you have one. - The usuals: food, camping gear, chairs to sit on if you got 'em and tables, the ones in the pavilion won't be enough. - Bug repellent: You will suffer if you forget this one! This is farmland near tidal marshes. - First aid kit. - Chairs! Would you like to sit/recline by the bonfire? Bring that comfy chair!We like to think that we're a good group. We take care of each otherand we love sharing. Ultimately, however, you are responsible foryourself! We make no guarantees on your health, well-being, or stateof mind! Other Stuff we usually need ------------------------------------------------------------- FoodWe always have potluck style meals. Please bring whatever food youlike, or specialize in, and whatever you need to prepare that food(for example, if you're a strict vegetarian, please bring a grill forveggie only food. There's no guarantee that there will be a veggieonly grill available for your use. If you have a grill you're able tobring, please do so. We like to try to share grill space for folks whodon't have their own.Also, folding camp tables or card tables are very useful for foodpreparation If you have one, please bring it along for communal use.Camp stoves are very handy, especially for breakfast! It never hurtsto have extras. We always seem to end up a few burners short.There are food and drug stores nearby as well as several fast foodrestaurants. ------------------------------------------------------------- THE RULESAlthough we can have PA systems, the owners ask that we tone it downafter 2 AM, but we can still go all night. To prevent total cacophanymusic needs to be coordinated through Alicia: Performer's FAQ.Fires are allowed only in designated burn areas. Don't plan on havinga fire in your own camp. Tiki torches, however, are OK and evenencouraged as it will be quite dark out there. We have three firespots in the camp area and one large burn area for the bigger stuff.Minors must not consume alcohol, and drinkers must not drive. Theland owners have made it very clear that anyone who is intoxicatedwill not be allowed to leave the event. If you're not of age, or ifyou plan on driving during the evening, please save yourself apossible arrest... just don't consume alcohol.Please stay away from the "off limits" areas as shown on the map.Respect our hosts.The gate will be attended all night, but will be locked.The picnic tables in the pavilion must not be moved. If you needtables elsewhere, then plan on bringing them yourself.Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or over.Respect our hosts. Please don't mess up the land. Don't make a bigmess you can't clean up. LEAVE NO TRACE! Also check out Leave No TraceOrganization for more info.This is our first event at this site and we want to make a goodimpression so we can continue to gather there in privacy. ------------------------------------------------------------- For more information and ticket sales be sure to visit https://www.playadelfuego.org/

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