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Location: Burnley, Lancashire, England

Hey everyone....well the time has come to stop avoiding the inevitable....sack the travelling malarky.....and go to...(drum roll)....Falmouth College of Arts..SW EnglandProblem is, I don't know of any twirlers in the region (I live 400+ miles away up't north) and would love to meet up with it male, female, cat, dog...whatever.I'm there from give us a shoutlove and peace...Dan!

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Location: Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Daaaaaaan!!!!!Finally someone English who is nearly local to me!!! I am based in Windsor and am still a beginner at this twriling but am looking for more people to practise with. LKet me know if you are interested. I am also gonna be lining up some gigs in London for November time.xx Fire Wire xxWindsor(UK)

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Location: Oxford, UK

Meee toooooo! I would love some people to practise and learn with. Only been doing this a week but I reckon I'm doing OK. A couple of hours practise a night has got the weaves and butterfly's sorted (still not quite there on the 5 beat!) but would love to learn more about transitions and turns; it's all very well knowing all the moves but if you can't string them together fluidly then you look crap!Any time you're going to organise something in London I's be up for a spin - only in Oxford U C!!------------------"We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking up at the stars."

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