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Quite by chance today I looked at the online version of my hometown newspaper. The top story stopped me in my tracks: Parks & Rec is proposing a bylaw to impose a 10pm curfew on all city parks. Why is this relevant? For the same reason I'm driving the four hours back home this weekend--most Friday nights (weather permitting) feature a gathering of fire spinners, tribal drummers, and other assorted folk in the most popular city park. I'm relatively new to the scene, but I've observed that "Fire Fridays" (or my favourite nickname, "Hippies in the Park") lasts from dusk to around midnight--definitely past the proposed 10pm closing time. It's possible that the only regular gathering I know of may soon be a thing of the past.The bylaw will go before City Council on September 11. The article mentions the possibility of a later curfew or permits for special events, but I would really like to ensure that *my* viewpoint is considered. This Friday I plan on bringing it up with the local fire scene, some of whom may have more information. What do you think--should I write a letter to the paper, to Parks & Recreation, or to city council?Here's a copy of the article, which includes the (quite sound) rationale for the bylaw:

i dont know what parks are being referred to and i hope you can enlighten me, i think its crap anyway
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