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hi,im just wanting to know where abouts the places to be in melbourne are if you're wanting to meet others. especially if you're new and want to learn new moves. please help.pow meow

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hi, u might want to try St Kilda on a friday or saturday night, and in particular around lunar park and the grassy area where the pier meets the shore.I'm in melbourne, maybe we could meet up down there one time?cya

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also try those gardens right up the top of brunswick street... forgot the name, don't live there anymore but every first and third saturday night

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There is a night in Fitztroy called Fire Frenzy at the Edinborourgh Gardens in Fitzroy. I'm pretty sure it's the last Friday of every month.

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OK, You will be glad to know that a friend and I are starting a twirling night in Eltham. The first one is the 24th of August which is this Friday. It is then going to be ongoing on the second and fourth Friday of every month. We will be kicking off at about 8:00pm. BYO toys, fuel and caring and sharing attitude and you are welcome to join the fun. We will be twirling at Alistair Knox park which is neer the Eltham station. We are meeting at the lake. Hope to see you there.If you need any other details please email me.Rain.

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There was a group gathering in the Fitzroy Gardens (the one next to Treasury Gardens) on tuesday nights last summer. They disappeared over winter, but hopefully they'll be back with the warmer weather. They used to gather at the fountain near the centre of the gardens.keep a look out.

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