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Location: australia

Hey!I want to take my fire pois to London with me. I am going through Bali first. Will i be able to get them through customs?If not my already lit ones, could i get unused ones through?

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yeah you can bring them into this lovli country...if they ask what theya re...just tell them...if they are still unsure..."show them" what of my friends took them out...and showed them exactly what they are...hehe...the airport was quite empty...but he still mamaged a crowd...which aiport are you flying into...???

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Hi Cass ,Seeing your post on the social board and given a. your name and b. the subject (I just had a problem with customs and air companies whil travelling with my staff)I took a moment to actually analyse if by any chance I had not lost or partly lost my allready poor mind... BUT... I am glad that it is you and not me who posted that one
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Anyway, do not worry about travelling with poi, they are small and the customs won't freak out if you protect them correctly. The idea is also to have som harmless practice ones in the same bag to show them that it is really a toy. I personnaly put them in my back pack though, not in the hand luggage. But then again... they do tend to lose the backpacks also.Enjoy the trip and let us know if you come to ParisShine onCassandra[This message has been edited by cassandra (edited 21 August 2001).]

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hi all! i have a terrible story about getting my first pair of handmade fire poi STOLEN by airpoit security on my way back from Bombay India to San Francisco USA. i was devastated needless to say but i quickly got over it and made myself one, two, three new pairs of fire poi. i am always trying to *perfect* my poi to make it as perfect as possible for my needs wants desires. i havent flown internationally since but i did fly domestically to the east coast once. i learned from my india travesty that i should carry my poi in my carry-on bag so that i could explain it to them this time instead of them just deciding that my mysterious poi were clearing 'dangerous' and taking them from me forever. so i took them in my carry-on this time and it worked out just fine. but internationally i would definately say to bring them in your carry-on, bringing your day poi is also a good idea to show airport security that poi arent really all that threatening after all. of course, staffs (is it staffs or staves?) are another story completely and i dont think i'd feel good about bringing my staff on a plane unless of course it was conspicuously concealed in a long duffel bag type thing. then again, i dont think i'd want to go through the hassle of explaining that one. staffs always feel more intimidating and threatening (as far as insitgating ubran agro energy) than poi. but that's just my two that's my story folks: tragic poi theft home from india yet i'm over it.lesson to myself: use more caution next time. sierra =)[This message has been edited by Sierra the Princess (edited 21 August 2001).]

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Ouch I'd go nuts if an airport lost my poi. Here's a question for you guys. I have a vacation to the bahamaha's comming up around thanksgiving. The cruise brochue says no flammable liquids also there's no night time departures so I can't get off the boat at night. I'll also have to deal with customs twice. What I do however have is insureance and 2 referances (when I can collect them). What would be the best way to go around asking them if I can do my thing on thier big ass boat? Should I go for the professinal attiduede and see if I can get them to let me aboard for free and do shows. Or should I go more causal with it and just ask if I can jam out on the deck a couple nights during the week? I fear I only have one chance at asking these PPL befor the curise. If I get it wrong I'll be stuck without the love of my life for a week. And a good chance of going insane with ripping whatever I can find apart to spin with. Also once aboard how should I tell the captain what I'm going to do? Any suggestions would be a huge help.

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Knagi,I'd go for the official 'Entertainer' route, otherwise the officials will just see the 'danger' element, and you'll be gutted for a week.Have a top trip tho.M:-)~

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I asked myself the same question when I went to visit family in NZ earlier this year.I decided, no, not so much because I was sure there'd be a problem as that I wanted to make sure there definitely wouldn't be problem.When i was there, i got Malcolm to send me a set by courier. Star performance!And on the way back, I thought, hey, why not, either take them or leave them 12000 miled from home.Got from Wellington, NZ via Sydney to London Heathrow no problem at all (wrapped them up in about 3 layers of clingfilm in a ziplok bag in more clingfilm in another plastic bag.....)Don't know about cables, but I suspect if they're chains the customs guys will just assume it's an S&M thing and move on swiftly :-)mikeyB

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