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Location: Jrvenp, Finland

Sounds great doesn't it..? There will be atleast Josh and Katinca representing Australia, Antti representing Finland and a huge group of local people!!So it'll happen on the 30th day at 9pm.. the location is Golden Gate Park and we will meet at the corner of Haight Street and Stanyan Street on the side of the park..I hope that somebody can bring staffs there 'cos that's more of my thing and it's pretty hard to travel with those things..If you feel a need for it you can try to reach me from (415) 775 2240 or jusaname@hotmail.comI wouldn't mind coming earlier like at 8pm.. more time to talk and get to know each other. So if it's ok then let's change the meeting to 8pm ok?? It's up to you. I think i could go there earlier anyway..respectfully yours, Antti

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