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Oooh, where to begin?Ok, we just did our first pro fire performance on Thursday night. In East Sussex (UK) there's a Steiner place called Emerson College, and they're running a course on Storytelling at the moment. The current run is called "The Fire Bringers", and on Thursday, the tutors were doing an evening of fire stories. Well, via the usual twisted routes, they heard about a bunch of weird people doing fire in the parks, and got in touch looking for Interval entertainment.So on thursday, Gavin (poi), Cara (staff) and me (poi), plus our spotter Karima headed on down there. Left everything obvious in the car, wandered over, made contact. They said "oh good, you must be the fire bringers". So we decided to adopt the name. Waited till everyone was inside, got set up and waited for the applause at the end of part 1. Lit up so we were going as they came down into the courtyard. Audience of about 50.Meant to be a 15-20 minute interval. After about 25 minutes the organisers managed to tear their eyes away and suggest people go back for part 2. Another 5 minutes later when we were all done with that particular fuel load, they finally started to go back, after a lot of them came over to do the wide-eyed amazement thing. Plus we got an encore for the end of the night. Such a huge buzz.Went in, listened to some very good fire stories, then back out for the final burn. Which was even better as it was properly dark by then. I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of a double-poi'd corkscrew (two in each hand, latest trick, lots of wrist, like it a lot!).50 quid for the first 20 minutes, OK so we threw the rest in free. Works out as a very nice hourly rate. And should be doing a repeat gig for them later this month.Points for the future:Need business cards before we do this again - lots more gigs availableBetter get a website up quickly - see above.Might be good to get a pet drummer or 3 on side.Still pretty fired up now. and to quote one of the organisers after the end, "So, is it dangerous?"mikeyB

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That's a great story Mikey!
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Good luck with your professional career! The Fire Bringers... bring it on!Finn
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Good Stuff!Being paid to do what you love is a surefire way of making yourself even happier. I've been performing proffesionally for 3 years, internationally (can't wait to get my first intercontinental booking), it rocks!if you act as proffessionally as you are skilled at swinging (publicity,costume,rapport skills,punctuality,presentation etc.),you cannot fail. Good luck.love AxisPs. NEVER undercharge, you lose respect and money.Big up Yourself!

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