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  Posted: im going to NZ, thailand and vietnam this summer and want to swing pois.does anyone know some good venues for poiing and dance parties at the beach in northern thailand and vietnam
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?i will go to koh chang in thailand and vinh ha long in vietnam.

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  Posted:Hey Chooch,I spent a good amount of time on Kho Chang over the past few months and the main beach on the North East Side has lots of Bungalows and restaurants and while I was there they would trade off nights with some of the local guys performing Fire Poi and Fire Staff. Really good performances, these guys spin very fast. If you head all the way to the north of that beach you'll find the best place for bungalows, a little more private than the rest and conviently located next to one of the best restaurants on the beach. The name of the Restaurant is "The Beach" it looks like a tree house, with a second floor and hammocks everywhere, very chill.



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