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Hey I just thought I'd drop buy and let everyone know about the upcoming Moon Festival. If you're in Brisbane, drop by. The moon fest is a wonderful gathering of all sorts of firey people for the purposes of jamming, meeting others and having a generally excellent time.-----------------------------BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIAFriday 9th February 2001Moon Fest is held at Lower Moora Park, off Park Parade in Shorncliffe. Friday 9th February will be the Fire Festival. To find it, follow the footpaths down the hill to the smaller rock jetty (not far from the larger wooden Shorncliffe Jetty). Often Elke sets up a ring of candles as a performance space, but the fire dancing and drumming usually gives it away anyhowI have many people asking what time it starts. As we don't run by any time schedule for the evening, it really starts when the first people gather, and ends when we all go home. As a guide, we suggest dusk as a starting time - which is around 6:30-7pm this time of year, but can be earlier or later, depending on who arrives when.A few other things we really do ask that you don't bring any alcohol or drugs to the event. This is for so many reasons, so please respect this, thanks.Look forward to seeing you at Moon Fest!Love & big hugs, thats the details.... email Bec and Elke to get on the Moon Fest emailing list.maeon.

Where in the world is the island I'm on?

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