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Hey Simos.Glastonbury is a yearly music festival hosted on Michael Eavis's farm land pretty near Stonehenge. It's very well known and has been going for quite some years, normally its in June/July (cant remember which.. it is well known for lots of rain and mud). It has loads of different types of music (6 or 7 stages), world music, large bands (David Bowie, Reef, Counting crows) and is absolutely immense, i mean huge!!!! I got so lost, so many times.Sadly, it costs about 80 ukp for a 3 day ticket, which is quite expensive for me. It is possible to get jobs there and then they pay for the ticket. I worked for the Wise Crone cafe (the largest cafe/eaterie on site) last year, it was a good deal.. i did 4 six hour shifts, in return for a ticket, 10 pounds worth of food vouches a day (yummy food as well), relitivly clean toilets, and a camping area close. It was really hard work, but i had a great time, and felt i was doing something worthwhile with my time instead of sitting round being stoned all day (which i have done at many fests.) It has been claimed that it is getting quite commercial and there were a few people there last year ripping people off with various things. However, alot of stalls selling lots of individual stuff set up there (food, clothes.. fire equip etc) and its just fun to walk round and sit and chat, play drums etc. There were alot of people there last year (100,000 +) tho, coz loads jump over the fence (they are improving security this yr tho, but 100,000 + is normal i think)Alot of fire performers go up there, and everyone congregates at the stone circle and plays. grin Last year i sat there all night with the cook from where i was working and watched poi-ers, breathers, staff swingers, sparkly poi-ers (every type of performer you can imagine, danceing and playing to the sounds of many drums. etc. I think it is where my passion and love affarir with fire began. The stone circle is just a big area of land (with a stone circle strangely)on the side of a hill with the most amazing views over the entire site, when the sun comes up or goes down it is magical!==The nights in London you have prolly heard about are the nights down the Drome, in stainer st, just near London Bridge train station. I think they are on Tues night from 7-9. The Drome is a club in old railway arches, has a great atmostphere.. i went down there when undertow played, and they normally have (trancey type music) nights on Fri, Sat nite. I haven't been down to the juggling/swinging session on Tues night coz i live in Kent and it's a bit of a mission for just 2 hrs.Anyway, hope i have been of some help.ChloeHi, i've heard repeatedly about Glastonbury but unfortunately i still don't know exactly what it is, where it takes place and when... is it once a year? i've also heard about some weekly meetings in London (i think it was on Thursdays) anyone knows if that still takes place???any info on that as well as other UK get-togethers/events/festivals will be greatly appreciated...thanx in advance ans happy swinging,Simos

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