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I haven't been spinning for very long so pardon me if this is a pointless question/post, but I'm just curious.. I've been learning moves, I'm teaching myself so I'm trying to get new ones every couple days. But I'm having problems linking them together into a smooth series. I know it just takes time and I'll eventually figure out my own methods, but I'm curious as to you're "favorite combos" like weave - corkscrew type of things. Both the "simple" things like that that look good and the "more complex" things like a fountain..

Thanks for any input

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butterfly to butterfly corkscrew, wrap, buzzsaw corkscrew, weave, giant weave, BTB weave, lots of wraps.....

that's usually where I start when I'm practicing.. but in all honesty, all you need to know is the major transitions between families, because the mvoes themselves are linkable via the families..

for instance.. all the butterfly stuff can be done from the butterfly and the bf weave stuff can be done from the bf weave(including bf corkscrews and the like) all weave stuff can be done from the weave family (btb and windmilss included)... same for buzzsaw stuff.. repeat ad infinitum...

so you just need to learn how to transition between the families.. and then apply that in different places..

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Watch videos.

I find myself saying "Oh crap?! How did he link those two moves?! Oh wait, it's easy!"

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Stalls and turns are your friends for nice transitions. Learn how to stall one poi at a time to transition yourself between butterflies and chases. Learn how to turn every which way to transition between different chase and butterfly moves. Thats really the best advice I can give. The rest depends on practice and finding stuff on your own as you have said.

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i like to start on butterfly based things, then subtley (or not) throw in the odd stall, and weave based things, and before you know it
you find yourself in a fountain, (after fannying around with stalls and the region between butterfly and weave for a while).
i then like to go back to a butterfly, shortern my chains, and experiment with between the arm stuff.

a good combo i try and do alot, is from a corkscrew, wrap a poi around your body, go into thread the needle over your head, and then wrap a poi around your body to go back to corkscrew, i really like this. i first saw it on one of the spinning in paris videos, and the girl doing it makes it look really good

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To find your flow do a move you're very comfortable with and do it every way you can. Do 180 degree turns to reverse or 90 degree turns with waves. There's nothing you can't do if you don't let hitting yourself get in your way.

One thing that always helps me flow: put in your favorite cd. You'll find yourself eventually dancing while you poi.

Have fun!

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