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ok this move is one i just made up one night to transition from backward to forward spinning and im wondering if it has a name or if its just too wierd or has it been coined already here goes:

start with spinning backwards split time bring the hands up as if going into a windmill left hand comes down and does a waist wrap to bring that poi to a forward spin, the right hand stays up goes into what i would describe as a single poi windmill but i bring it right out of it on the appropriate side so it is now spinning forward as well, id film this if i had the chance but i dont sry

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sounds ****ed up to me.

not that i really understand what your on about. I presume by waist wrap you mean a recoil, so your chaging the plane by 90 degrees and comming off the waist (In hop terminology, a waist wrap isnt a wrap, maddenly, its more like btb wall plane, but not quite) andthe other hand is doing some weird 180 plane change to come backward


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that's about how much I caught to..

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sorry about the difficulty in deciphering what i wrote, like i said i dont really know how to explain it but Nx's description sounds about right, the 180 degree plane change is the one that really confuses me on a) how i do it and b)how to explain it, it might just be slop but it looks pretty good in mirrors

The stupider they think you are the more surprised they'll be when you kill them

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