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I was spinning last night with my Electroglos at my house after getting home from some fire spinning at the beach. I was trying some new stuff, being a bit creative with stalls and what not, and I came up with this amazing move I've most definitely never seen before. I'll do my best to explain it... I call it a butterfly stall kick airwrap

Start off with a standard butterfly. At some point, stall your right hand over your left arm, so you have your left hand spinning butterfly circles and your right hand crossed over your left arm, hanging down. Then, take your left hand and on the downswing, you have to make the "Thread the Needle" motion, thus untangling your right hand from your left arm so you have a stalled right hand seperated from your left butterfly spinning hand.

If I haven't lost you yet, here comes the fun part: Kick your right hand poi on the downswing of your left poi, so it tangles midchain. Spin your body around like a regular airwrap (hyperloop), let them untangle, and voila, a move that looks simply AMAZING with glow poi or fire (Although I haven't done it with fire, everything that looks cool with glow looks cooler with fire )

The effect to the audience is a butterfly stall, which on its own looks awesome, a few beats of the butterfly stall, and all of the sudden the buttom poi quickly jumps upto the top poi, then do 3 tiny circles together, and then large circles of weave after they untangle.

I'm sorry if my description sucked, I'll try to learn it with fire and put it on the video I'm working on.

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stall hypes are lots of fun, you dont even have to kick, you can just 'pickup' the stalled poi with the swinging one.

also in backward weave a brief stall horisontal with the right poi and picked upp again into backwards hyperloop is really snazzy.



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whoa! mazing.

as laZy as .....

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