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Posted:anyone see that tekno turtles vid , anyone figure out how they do those air wraps. they are crazy, insane

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Posted:The air wraps really arent too hard. Just seperate a weave and let the poi tangle with one another then pull em apart hard to seperate them again.

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Posted:errrm, theres a bit more to it than that.....

they cross in a v shape at the weave as royal said, but you dont pull, they bounce inside and come apart of thier own acord, keep your hands still.


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Posted:but for the ones on that vid, where they're getting 7+ circles on an air wrap, you would have to pull your hands apart to keep the same momentum..I'm tryin to work into those w fire poi, but it's slow going, noo way I can do those vertical w fire poi yet..Horizontal is another matter, but because of the diff action w kevlar wixx n ball chains as opposed to glow stixx n shoe strings, I'll pull my hands apart n push them back together several times in succession to keep the same speed and diameter of circles.

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Posted:i got em down not too long ago, at first i was like WTF???

im not sure if its possible with firepoi, prolly is deppending on what type of string/cord/chain you use, but with shoestrings you just go into it like a regular airwrap only try and let them tangle about halfway between the poi/stick and the handle or where you hold and as soon as they hit eachother give it a bit of a tug and it should hold for more revolutions than the normal airwrap....

it takes some practice tho, and again, i dunno how well itd work with chains 'n such, i use shoestrings and glowsticks


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Posted:that is an awsome video, and a few of them look real young. much respect.

doing repetitive wraps like those seems kinda risky with fire. but with the glowsticks it looks awsome. need to get some.

they just use shoelaces as strings? no handles?

and what do they practice with?

the thing is that the rave scene here in france isn't very candy-like and glowy, its more hardcore and the fire suits it better. haven't seen any glowstringers here.

but much to learn from that video, back to practice

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Posted:where is this video????

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Posted:read this thread and watch this video


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