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Juggling three poiz is possible as you im sure know. Im curious if there is anybody out there who has been playing around with it and if so what is the pattern that you use.
I have been starting with one in my mouthe and the spinning the other two parallel to my shoulders in opposite directions . I then throw the right hand(usually) up for a double roation which gives me time to take the third one out of my mouth and I then continue throwing each poi with double rotations which allows the pois inmy hands to be twirled in rythm with the thrown poi!
So far Ive come up with A couple moves and I even believe that the weave is possible and many of the more basic twirling patterns. Right now Ive just been doing things like throws behind the back and under the leg which are essentially juggling moves but I feel that there is a whole realm of untapped poi juggling. Anybody seen or heard anything or are you doing anything?

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I played a bit with it. I was using two equal length and weighted poi and an improvised poi for the odd one out. I started doing a one handed butterfly with the two even poi while I just let the other one hang, then I let go of one poi in the one handed butterfly. The plan was to do atleast 3 beats of a weave with the poi I was still holding onto, then switch to one handed butterfly while I caught the other one, then expand on variations of that sort of pattern and rhythm. I didn't try very long because it wasn't particulary entertaining for me to learn and it was really difficult to get good enough height with the one handed butterfly throw so I could have time to put it all together smoothly. Im sure if I spent a undefined amount of time at it I could probably put together a pretty neat-o routine.

In another thread I was ranting and raving about contact poi. I deleted it because I was frustrated and annoyed with peoples responses. Basicly it's a way to catch a poi in a wrap, but with the right amount of weight on the handle and head of the poi the chain remains straight with only a bit of movement from your arm, so it rotates freely around your limb indefinate amounts of times. I experimented a bit with catching this thing in the opposite arm I threw it from, so I could have two poi spinning on one arm. One being held by my fingers the other doing this hard to explain contact thing. It definatly had potential for a 3 poi routine.

Basicly it was like mini-meteors doing contact staff type stuff, with a handle on one end of the mini-meteor.

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I've been doing similar stuff to astar, meteor and poi together but not 3 poi... as mentioned here

On the Gandini club swinging dvd there's a very impressive deely at the end where this guy's doing a 3 beat weave with 3 clubs (I think maybe 4 it's been a while) throwing one really high in the air as you described.

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Originally posted by Jafar:
On the Gandini club swinging dvd there's a very impressive deely at the end where this guy's doing a 3 beat weave with 3 clubs (I think maybe 4 it's been a while) throwing one really high in the air as you described.
that'd be manu juggling super tight mikes mess variations

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i do some 2 poi juggling tricks. I generally don't spin 3 poi you see, i'm crazy but not quite that far gone.......yet

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Yeah the throw with the hand exchange is a very versatile move. I personally enjoy this move

Spinning awway fromm your self the poi is thrown under the oppsite arm. after one beat the other poi is exchanged and then the thrown poi is caught with a same direction catch. This move can be repeated over and over again. It has lots of variation too like behind the back throwing or under the leg or likewise with the exchanges

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