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Im having trouble with BTL moves. I can do em sometimes but I have a big problem with the turns. I cant pivot myself quick enough with one leg in the air to do em correctly. Anyone got any tips?

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Which moves are trying to incorporate btl moves into?? The way I was taught that really stuck with me was a leg thru wrap, which at it's simplest, is where from spinning backwards, one of your poi comes thru btl, and depending on the hand that comes btl, you turn in the direction of that hand(right hand turns right, left hand turns left). What makes this move easier is actually lifting your knee up(to 90 degrees), then pivoting your leg at the hip, straight across(as if settling from a front stance into a horse stance), and at the end, placing your foot down sharply. Since the chain is against the inside of your thigh, this motion alters the path of the poi, sometimes correcting any wild swings and snapping it back thru your leg to exit. When you rotate on one foot(while one leg is in the air), you're using your hips(and the motion of your knee moving across) to rotate, and rotating on the ball of your foot. Hope this helps..

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I started with under the leg of whatever I wanted to do BTL... like say I wanted my right poi to go BTL from front to back in a reverse weave.. well I would pracitce having it go under the left leg... as in do a normal reverse weave like pattern with your right hand and lift your left leg straight in front of you and have the right poi go under to the left side and back... then slowly turn yourself closer and closer to the right until you are twirling in the wall plane with the poi going BTL..

as far as turns are concerned, it'll just take a bit to learn when how you enter and exit.. for instance turning into the direction of the poi coming BTL helps.. like turning to the right as the right poi comes BTL.. This has you lifting the right leg a little making the path a little easier to come in and out on...

and a final bit of adivce is stand there weaving it BTL.. when spinning the right poi in the wall plane (going clockwise).. the right poi can go BTL (from front to back as it goes from the 3 to 6:00) then it will come out on the next rotation between the 3:00 and 9:00... this time when bring it over and around to the back as it goes from 9:00 to 3:00.. then it will come BTL (from back to front) as it comes out of that you can bring it back over, rinse, repeat.. practicing little things like that will help your muscle memory to learn when to transition in and out.. everything from there is downhill...

hope some of that made sense.. and hope even more that it may help someone..

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spin the poi slower

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Be conscious of where the poi spins whilst between you legs and be mindful of the angle at which the poi plane passses between your feet to accomplish this.

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some of the moves descibed above (where you dont pivot but swing your legs across) are called through wraps. the secret with thease is to make you leg your hand, so that the leg controls the poi and brings it over to the other side of the body.

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