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I just learned a new move (for me that is). I learned to weave forward and then turn around so it's going backward, then turn sideways so its going front-back a while ago. anyways i was in the forest the other day with my friend practicing and i started doing a weave where i could go from forward weave to backward weave and just continue turning my body so i was just spinning round in circles! apparently it looked pretty cool. I know it's not some amazing new move but i've only been doing Poi spinning for like a few months now.

my head is still spinning though

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sometimes I wish I could go back to the beginning, like this when I was learning 5-6 new things a day... now I'm lucky to learn something new each week..

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Damn, Rev, how much time do you have to practice, you lucky thing?

I learn so slowly... and have no time to even try...

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I too, have just learnt to do that today - what an amazing coincidence!!

Its just a shame when you get carried away with it, get too dizzy - then its starts to hurt (a lot)

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Haha, I learned how to do that a very short while ago myself and the first time I managed to get it I went a little overboard and got a bit too dizy... I had to sit down for about 5 minutes before everything stopped spinning ;

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when i do it and start to get dizzy, i just start doing it in the opposite direction and it stops the dizziness
now u need to do it whilst doing 5 beat (which i can't do (too busy learning btb weave ))

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I do it with the 5-beat.

The good thing about is is that you can't go around in your circle as fast, so you don't get dizzy!

Mr. Flibble - how's the btb weave going? I keep on hitting myself.

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Ooh, btb weave. I finally got that for about 6 beats earlier today. Yay!

E pluribus unum, baby.

mrFlibbleSILVER Member
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well i finally got btb weave (forwards) down a few weeks ago now.
currently trying to learn reverse btb weave, and hitting myself a lot. always in the same place on my legs. i'll get there eventually.

i think my ultimate goal is to learn at least ONE of the jedi set

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Clockwise spinning weave > Chase the sun is an easy combo

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