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Mmmmmm... I spun fire at the beach in grece for the first time
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(damn it, no beaches in Paris !!!!) I just loved it, really. I know of the numerous threads about "where people like to spin"... my question is WHEN do you like to spin ? morning ? evening ? summer ? winter ?yes, obviously fire and glowstick definitely belong in the embrace of a dark night... but other than that ? I tried spinning at sunrise still half asleep and feeling the rising sun softly tickle my nose .... I just loved it.
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As for the summer / winter issue, it is silly because of course it is nicer when you don't have to be covered in tons of clothes so that you don't freeze your bottom, but to spin around ice / snow must be just so amazing, isn't it ?Shine oncassandra

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I simply love sunrises...Spinning after the full moon on Haad Rin to some classy ambient tunes. I just closed my eyes and stuck with the butterfly family in a slow and sensual style....the flames went out but I was in my own little world and nothing mattered.... I'll never forget that.I've yet to spin in winter time as I have'nt seen winter for 2 years....damn travelling in the summer sun and all that.ahhhaa!!!.... my ambition. Poi, Naked, Snow, Dawn, it's all falling into placeDan

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When? I can imagine in the winter wuld be very kewl for fire stringers, but i stick to glo's...Havent had a chance to go outside in the winter (mebbe coz i've been busy for like only a week? :-))Sure am gonna do that tho. Evening is also obviously better than daylite...I'm very jealous of cassandra...How i would love to have that sunrise get on my face while i'm stringin...mmmmmm.... :-)Not really an issue, coz rite now i have summerholiday, and i sleep mostly till 2 pm or so.. :-)

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Poi in the snow was quite fun last year, although the cold does mean your fingers go a bit numb. Its also weird, 'cos its the middle of the night but it isn't pitch black. But I have to agree beaches are the best place I've been yet. So flat, nothing to set fire to! the sound of the waves in the background. Ahhhhhhh.... I wanna go back !!!! Anglesey was so nice, when it wasn't raining that is.....But I'll spin anywhere I can, I sometimes go out at lunchtime and do some practice, I used to work in Tonbridge, across the road from the Castle, and it was very nice going there and finding a quiet spot to spin for a while. Apart from that theres always the garden, but the parafin doesn't help the lawn..... And I did some practice the other day down at Toad Rock (Some mad rock formation that looks like a BIG fat toad) the other day, that was a nice place, good views and sunshine. Oh yes, and anywhere people will give me money to perform, provided its safe of course....Thats all I can think of at the moment....ttfnMiggy

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My favorite spinn ever was sometime last June at about midnight in the middle of Maroon Bells National park (one of the more scenic part of the already beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains). I found a glade near our camp site surrounded on 3 sides with trees and snow, covered with yellow crocus flowers and littered with elk bones, and having a fantastic moonlit view out into the vally and across to the next ridge which included Snowmass Mountain and Snowmass lake. I was using lamp oil, and had soaked my wicks before the hike so I didn't have to haul the fuel over the passes. So I only had one burn. But at 12,000 feet, lamp oil burns forever! It was just me, one close friend, the flowers, the bones, the mountains and the fire. Initially I wasn't sure about taking my poi along, figuring I'd be too tired after hiking all day and also wanting to be as light as possible for the walk, but I've never been so happy to have brought along a luxery on a hike as I was with that. I know I just described a place, but to me it is also a moment in time, and so far that was my favorite time to burn.Sunrises are very nice too.


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Location: sweden(ume)

looking forward to the winter, think it will be pretty kool since its so dark up here and the summernights never get dark untill the sun rises again...have only spinned this summer, and never in the total darkness standing on reflecting snow.

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mmm well the sun doesnt rise over the sea in we dont get beach sunrises, or else that would be my the morning when some great Act is cranking out the empathic psy tunes...I think thats my favourite...I can just dance and dance...try new, dance some more..I know some ppl say they dance with fire - but I dont think fire burns long enough to really get into a good trance set...for me its fluro chains, bare feet, dust and the warmth of the trance (ahem - sun
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) on my body, as I flow my chains through the sinuous spaces between the vibrations...on and on...ah....Fusion...unforgetable.Josh

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YAY, Josh back on the board (but on your way to BM I guess) Hope you and Katinca have hell of a fire shining time in BM.Yeah, night spin is great, but there is simply sumething magic about spinning at sunrise. maybe because I'd like to think of spinning as some sun dance ?
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shine onkeep dancingCassandra

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"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
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Recently I've been spinning in front of my halls of residence, generally some time after 3 in the morning. I've completely messed up my body clock but it's great just going out with an MP3 player and spinning with no one round to bother you. Of course, some days there's people coming home drunk so i avoid them, but it's generally fairly quiet.

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My Fav spot for spinning is at the remote end of the beach i live near, at night on a new moon, with no clouds in the sky. I love it when its completely dark, the brightness of the fire is overwhelming. gota bring a torch though, cause you cant see a thing, and the lights stop half way down the beach. warm nights are the best, cause im a shirtless spinner tongue
time of night would be about an hour after sunset. the darkness has just set in and there are still people around. the sand is also good on the feet, im a barefooter too tongue

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At night, on top of the big hill near my house. You can see the lights stretching off into this distance, all the way to the horizon, and hear nothing but the wind in the trees. Then we light up, spin.. it feels amazing, like something primal, gathering on the top of a hill and dancing for a few hours, sitting in a group or making a fire..

Paradise. biggrin

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i mainly spin inside clubs (on stage) but i went to a free party last weekend in a forestry block, just as dawn was breaking i lit up and spun my little heart out to banging hardcore!!!! then the police turned up.......and told the organiser to turn it down or his rig would be siezed under some environmental law about noise pollution (spoil sports)

good job my fire heads where extinguished and put away before they turned up devil

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I love to bust some grooves at night and to music, but to be honest, I probably don't get in on as much as I should these days.

Someone told to sit on it and spin, so here I am biggrin

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i dont really have a preffered time as i do spin most of my life away.....

i guess a sunrise on a beach somewhere would be nice........

ooh and spinning fire in the snow has to be fun....never tried it though

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i'm leaving college for the summer, so as of tomorrow my habits may change, but I find myself spinning on the green at 4:30am or so, with my laptop and speakers in my backpack on a bench... good ambient, total darkness, sock poi... its amazing.

also, about the fire and snow thing, my favorite spin ever was in Vermont at the First Night festivities on New Years eve. me and a friend decided to take some speakers and our laptops to a small parking lot on main street (closed to traffic for the day) and do an impromptu show. we spun for about an hour or so and it was about 11:00pm, before I saw the organizer of the event walking towards us... i thought, oh s*** we're in trouble, but we said hi and tried to be suave and professional... finally we got to the end of the smalltalk, and I expected him to tell us to get lost. Instead, he said, "Do you have enough fuel left for a 15 minute show?" we were really shocked. We ended up slated to spin for the crowd for the 15 minutes before the ball dropped... it was awesome, the entire town was there, and we got to spin right through the ball dropping and into the fireworks afterwards. i have some amazing photos of us in the snow with fireworks in the background. And the best part is, we were invited back for next year.

so anyway, my moral is snow and fire are awesome together, and once you get used to it, it can be -10 farenheight and a thick cotton longsleeve shirt and jeans will keep you warm enough... if you're me, that is.
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