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does anyone have any tips on how to learn forward behind the back weave without hitting your head? I can do behind the back fine, but i find it hard to switch over easily.
thanks for the help!

man, it makes you wanna shoot them in the face and beat them with baseball bats, doesnt it?

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there are 2 ways you can learn it, some find it easier than others in the different ways.

1) learn the same way you learnt rev btb, by taking one poi and swinging it behind you back and over and back in the fwds dirrection. then other side (same thing) some do a cross over behind the back now but i found this painfull, i just went straight on to trying an 8 beat btb( lets say right side) then i did 8 b btb left, then combined, to get the 3 beat.

2)spin the rev btb weave then turn 180 degrees and let the poi show you how, (its the same movements of your arms as the normal fwd 3b weave.) i can do both btb weave but i still havent nailed the turn quite right yet.

you must remember to role your shoulders to get the poi in the right plane, bend down bend your knees and role you shoulders(a lot!!!!!) it feels extemely uncomfortable at first but after a while you learn to move you shoulders less and can stand more upright.

i hope that helps, i think one of the poi gods sould add to the discription in the lesson section.

JinX plees to the poi gods

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there is a third way
its true there is i've seen it in stories


i'm working with the same thing to right now and i'll tell ya no matter what everyone's inside info is it all comes down to trying it till it works...blunty put but true

try using hacky sacs inside soccer socks it will slow down the prossess "via il wind rasistance" and make the learning prossess easier and less painful

keep it up

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Personally, I learned it the hard way.
I do it with one poi at a time, swinging it behind my back and hit my head several times. After a while you get to know how to keep your body and how to swing.
But, I must admit that wearing a t-shirt is not a tip. Get that thing off and try again, you will notice that your shirt is not in the way and you can bend your back without that troublesome t-shirt.
Unless if you are a girl that is...
Or just do poi without anyone seeing you

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OR, you could try it with first clubs (they're so cool!)

I find clubs are amazing for learning moves that don't have wraps, hyperloops and other poi-specific niftyness in them. I'm also learning the forward BTB weave, and if you can do both poi individually, try it with clubs to see how your hands fit together, then switch back to poi.

Best of luck.

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also, use a stick, gets your arms into the muscle memory of doing the move.


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