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Hello, most of you have been using fire for a long time now.Your first time, were you confident and not that nervous. Do you think you were not as good as you could have been because you were nervous or scared.Well let me know, thanx.Fire_Sista

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Lol, my first time... i remember it well. I was confident until the wicks were lit and then i started freaking. They were home made wicks and we didn't know how big to make them so lookin back the wicks i used for my first time were the size of like a football. They made the loudest sound and i shit my pants when ever i spun them.*WHOOOSH* *WHOOOOOOOOSH* "HOLY shit! *WHOOOOSH* heh."i was so scared i actually screwed up on the weave (i spun fire like 2 weeks after i started spinning) and the chains got wrapped around my arm. I have 2 chain looking scars on my left arm now because of it. Oh well, all in good fun... though that was funny, my friend got his pants on fire, he hit himself on the leg and he was wearing nylon pants so it easily caught on fire. At first he didn't realize it so he was just cooking for a couple of seconds until i told him he was on fire. He panicked and tried to snuff it out with the other leg... so the fire spread to his other leg LOL... he finally just ripped of his pants (they were tearaways) and we put it out then.gawd, the first time spinning fire, the memories
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Hey there Fire Sista, here's a few links for you to get answersThis first one answers your question:https://www.homeofpoi.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000972.htmlThis one offers up many helpful tips on your first light:https://www.homeofpoi.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000424.html------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...https://www.pyromorph.com

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"At first he didn't realize it so he was just cooking for a couple of seconds until i told him he was on fire."BWaahahaha ahahahah that is classic phunky!!
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When I first lit up, after practicing for a few months, I was totally confident.Then i spun the staff once and the same thing got to me.The WHOOSH WHOOSH noise so close to my face scared me half to death that I dropped the staff and ran away...LOL must have looked so idiotic to anyone watching. No-one was, which was another idiotic thing, no safety!Now i love the noise, its the main reason I'm still doing fire, it's awesome!------------------Charleshttps://juggling.co.nz

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Gawwwd, you lot have scared me half to death, saying you messed up some stuff.I can't wait until I start. I'll try to do it well, thanx guys. By the way I love your story phunky very funny.peace outSista

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I didn't get over the drop and run away fear of it till one of my chains acidently wraped around my hand when I was trying to spin it out. Just a quick 3 or 4 twists around my hand I remember thinking I was gonna burn myself so bad in the split second It took to wrap around. But the wick simply bouced off my palm and continued to unwrap in the other direction.

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My first time doing fire was only like a month ago. ive been twirling glowsticks for a pretty long time though, so i knew what i was doing. it was awesome. the loud *whoosh* around my body was the only thing that made me nervous, now ive come to love it. i was on a high the first time i twirled fire.. (then again it was probably the fumes)

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