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For this game you have to be capable of doing:
- TTN both directions
- Parallel circles constantly in front
- Passing of Pois

Everybody knows the TTN passing of Pois from one spinner to the other which is kind of fun.
But now try the whole passing with 3 Poi

Player1 doing the Butterfly TTN, Player2 just having one Poi rotating in front. Both players standing face to face.
Version 1: Player2 now can take the poi that swings same direction like his Poi so he has parallel circles in front.
Version 2: Player2 tries to take the Poi that swings in a different direction -> Now he is doing a Butterfly TTN.

Now its Player1 turn to take one Poi back.

This passing goes on till somebody messes up (And I bet you will. If not you just have to speed up )
Whoever messes up 3 times first is the unlucky second winner

Enjoy the game

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sound quite difficult(sp?)
i couldnt do it

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start with the passing of one poi first. This way you get to know the feeling of how to pass poi. Then try to pass a TTN. Once you know at which moment to "grasp" the poi it gets quite funny.
Then you are ready for the 3 poi madness

andbody succeeded with the game, any comments ?


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It sounds good but I don't know anyone who'd be good enough to play it with.

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