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AchluophobiaBRONZE Member
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Reverse is the work of the devil, so much harder then forward, maybe it's just where I haven't had much time to spin over the last few days that my reverse spinning got worse. Stupid over head butterfly... I should look for some tenis balls today when I go and look for new chains for my electroglo's, having them hit you in the back of the head repatedly isn't fun.

Yeah so I spent an hour or two this morning practicing reverse spinning. I've concluded that I must spin more and with some diffrent chain things so I can do wrap again.

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Originally posted by Achluophobia:
Butterfly weaves? Just as important as the weave?
All I can seem to do with thread the needle is warp in on my arm so I can go into the windmill or corkscrew. So what exactly is a Butterfly weave? Should I just run a search on it?

If you do you should find lots of stuff, but basically it's a 3-beat weave but with the poi going opposite directions instead of the same direction.

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Originally posted by JinX:
rev all you do is diolocate your shoulders then you can bring them over your head if you like.

windmill might hurt though.

oh is that all... and silly me thought it was something simple like being double jointed...

I think I'll stick with seperations and ginat weaves as my transitions from front to back weavage..

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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