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There is one move i've been trying to do but i cant because i guess my body is too long. well this move is a variation of the butterfly. when you bust a butterfly, there is a way to change the direction of the butterfly from both going inside to both going outside. this is done by recoiling the strings on your kicked out legs.but i wanted to try to recoil but behind the back. s i've been wondering... have ne of you guys got this move down?

Raving...the answer to all prolems. just put on some music, bust out yer glowsticks and rave...raving...*sigh*

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ah, yet another 'new move' chance dashed. Yea, it's just a pretty simple btb wrap.

Practice btb butterfly in both directions (incidently your 'both going inside to both going outside' would be better described as 'forwards to reverse'). Then see if you can get btb ttn in the direction you are wrapping from: Assuming you are using poi with heads wider than glosticks, and they hit your leg adjacent to each other then the heads will tangle. When i do it i make sure that the strings are 10cm or so away down the leg from each other to insure they don't wrap, and this sort of distance can be achieved by doing ttn not butterfly. You may find if you are using short strings that they don't wrap in the same way they would on the upper thigh, but the heads hit and recoil.

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I prefer shorter strings, work fine for me.

Depends on ur style.



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