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  Posted: HEy wassup? i'm a new member at this site and would like to introduce myself. my real name is Crelson but a lot of people cant say my name right but you guys can call me Kazz. I started raving like a year ago and it took me 2 weeks to master the basics. but when i performed at a rally w/ some other beginner ravers; we made such an embaressment to the world raving. so since then, i kinda slacked off raving. but now i wanna start again and have avengence. one other reason i registered at this site was to find girls w/ my same taste. so i'm looking for a girl thats 17, thats asian, and loves raving and if they lived in southern cali that'll be tight. oh and it looks like you guys got the behind the back weave down, so can you guys help me out? there is a little brat that thinks hes all that a raving so i wanna shut up!

Raving...the answer to all prolems. just put on some music, bust out yer glowsticks and rave...raving...*sigh*

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  Posted:Might wanna put this in the INTRODUCTIONS forum...

Let's turn those old bridges we crossed into ashes.
We'll blaze a new trail,
and torch the rough patches.



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  Posted:hey welcome to the firey place!
raves in ozland are smellier. you are lucky
seeya round like a bad flowchart.

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