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Location: Holland

Just want to say Hi.Hi:-) Thx for all those lessons on the site, really been a great help on getting me started. Yesterday i practiced for the first time, and i went on for like 4 straight hours... My fingers are killing me...
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I was wondering if anyone has good ideas or tips for attaching strings to your fingers, and where you attach them (End or base of your fingers).So anyway, hope to be of help to you people sometime, coz judging from all the other msgs, you try to help where you can. THX YOU ALL!!! :-)Peace Out

SupermanSupermanBRONZE Member
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Welcome HaZZa..youll love the board the more your on it.I think this is why alot of people pick up the basics so fast, because when they first start, they spin for hours multiple times a week because they are so excited. As you can imagine, there have been a billion posts on all sorts of subjects. Tips, techniques, how to hold the straps, ect..Do a search on any question you have and youll hit gold with tons of info. BUT, if youre like me, you like that personal response. You can email me directly if you want, and ill help as much as i can. New spinners renew my hype for spinning. if you have single looped straps, hold up your 2 fingers like youre making a peace sign. put the loop over the 2 fingers with the string/chain hanging in front of your palm. Now pull the stringback up between your fingers. Yo can do this on your middle 2 fingers as well. I personally use the first 2, but its all up to what is comfortable for you.have funSuper'------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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Annie Cmember
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Location: London, UK

Howdey haZZaIndeed Velcome..
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You will love it here...even tho I have only been posting for about 2 weeks I am sooooo addicted....not to mention the amount of poi info that is invaluable...about fire etc....if it weren't for this site my little fire poi's would still be sat dormant in the bag.....I now have fire!!!!!!Oh yes it will burn!!!Great Groovey smashin luverleee...Oh Yes I have that Friday feeling!!!!Have a great weekend!!Annie C

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Hey Hazza...welcome.. I've only been here a little while too, and I did the same thing when I joined..have fun around here.. and DO use that search thing, people tend to get their feathers ruffled when you ask questions that have already been answered..allthough, the personal response IS nice..

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Hey HaZZa,Welcome to this site, I swear it's the best.I am so happy I found it because I never thought i could do it, and then I found all the moves, videos etc. I am hopeing to start fire soon.So good luck any wayHappy TwirlingFire_Sista

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I love it here...everyone is sooooooooooo friendly...*smiles* bitchyness at all...just loads of friendly help, advice, and people...*smiles* what more could one ask for...*smiles n huggles*goafire

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Location: Holland

I have to agree with GoaFire.I havent met a single person yet who didnt have the best intensions for another. It's like i became a member with ma first reply (technically i DID become a member, but im sure you know what i mean...:-))THX PPL!!! :-)

CassandraCassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Welcome HaZZa !!!
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It's really cool.... no aggrovation, pettiness,!!!!if heaven were a message board...........I think we all have an understanding for each other and thats so cool...and the best thing is, theres no discrimination of talent. theres no "I'm not speaking to him coz he's new" bullshit......or........ "I'm better than him so why should I reply" rubbish.spinning out love to you all and a big welcome to HazzaDan!

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