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Posted:is it possible to go straight from corkscrew to reverse corkscrew? if so how? ive tried turning around, like to reverse direction of weave, but the corkscrew remains unreversed..... any help would be cool thanks

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Posted:i really do not think it is possible without wraps


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Posted:You would have to go from leaning forward doing corkscrew to leaning backwards doing over the head/btb for that.

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Posted:Yea, its possible but really really hard. It has alot to do with swing'n your body, you have to almost stop the Poi so it goes back the way it came, like a stall. But shorter stall time.

Im only talking 2 bt corkscrews here. I can do it in pratice with tennis ball Poi, but when i try to do it with fire it never comes off clean and its rather dangerous.

U need to be able to do 2bt both ways. Try right to left, right hand 1st then follow with left as soon as they come out in front again, pull your body to back the right (cause momentum is moving to the left), and they either nearly stop, or do a tiny half circle before going back the other way.

Kinda pointless cause of all the trouble learning a simple move, when u could spend that time learning 3bt corkscrews instead.

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Posted:try it with a stick first to get the feel, this is a weird one, also, try turning against the spin.


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