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Posted: hi i'm trying to work out how to do a split butterfly (butterfly combo) with two people. we can do the regular butterfly hug and the alternating butterfly hug (one up one down) but now we want to do the split butterfly, so one person's hand is in back of the other person's back while their other hand is in back of their own back and vice versa. anyway we can do it in theory but we keep getting our hands tangled. does anyone have any ideas?

thanks, suz

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Posted:Pratice. Try it with a dummy, or imagine there is a person there. Train the move till its perfect, u both have to be perfect, cause its up there with the danger factor.
There are also two different variatons of this move: for btb and rev behind the other person, or rev btb and for behind the other person, which can also be combined into a 4 move combo but thats real hard. (and obviously split time, and same time.)

Id say, stick with the most basic moves. And pratice lots untill you can trust your partner with your life, because you will be.

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Posted:seems if your hands are tangling, then you should try it as a thread the needle!


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