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I have been looking all through this forum for an actual describtion about how to do the buzzsaw but I cant find one thats complete. Would anyone one care to describe how to do this. Also isolations.

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Ok. I'm replying to this at the request of NIx? Although why he thinks I know anymore about poi than he does I have no idea.

Right Buzzsaw, I've also heard it called a bicycle wheel and a BTN (burn the nose). You could try searching for those too.

Here's a nice thread about it - click here

If that's no good tell me and i'll find another one for you.


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Put both your arms straight out in front of you parallel with each other. Swing your poi in the same direction split time on the inside of your arms to create a single circle between your arms. Voila, buzzsaw.

Isolated buzzsaw is when you make the motion as if you were peddling a bike with your hands while doing the saw.

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