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1: Um.. I came over an interesting 1 hand bf combo... start with normal 1h bf then 1 beat bth, 1 bt btb, then 1 bt normal, bring it sideways, then 1 bt right and 1 bt left. then repeat. anyone doing this? Tips wellcome... can't seem to get it right...

2: How do you turn under a windmill? As I see it a 3 bt wm is just a weave overhead and in the front/back plane... so it should be possible to do a turn... How? This never works with me either...

THX for any info!

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Can't help you with one handed stuff but normal windmill is a 2 beat move and can be turned. Try turning with one hand at a time till you get used to it. It might help to learn how to turn a watermill (waistheight windmill) first. Cause the plane control is easier, it's less tiring and you'll be able to see what you're doing easier.

Oh and there's loads of different variations on turns, keeping the your hand where it was at the start of the turn of swapping between front and back as you turn.

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A 3 beat windmill is an odd beastie and not quite the same as a 3 beat weave done overhead, because by standing sideways you loose a twist in your wrists... To turn a 2 beat windmill, (turning left), as the poi in your left hand goes behind you, turn 90', right hand poi then crosses over, turn 90' again, then the left hand poi crosses to behind you, then the right. By turning in 90' sections, it breaks the move up and you part of a 3 beat weave over your head, before finishing the turn and going back into a 2 beat windmill.
If you continually turn from left to right and back, you are doing a 3 beat weave movement over your head.
If you do a 3 beat windmill, you are doing actually doing a 4 beat windmill with a beat missing... (this really is a different move to a tree beat weave) and there are two ways of doing it, in each direction, depending on whether the poi in your left hand does two beats in front of your face and one behind, or one in front, two behind.

Hope this helps...


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