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if anyone can be bothered theres a descrription of how to do this one in NYC's coming to uk thread... too lazy to link sorry.

to use the technical jargon(and you nerds can work it out from this) its a airwrap to double stall on wrist, reverse and repeat.

but tom calls it the dangler.

just wanted to bring this one up cause i'm bored of tech names except for explanations. hence the'skirt' for 1-beat turns.

any others?


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any other what exactly - airwrap stalls, skirt type moves or just named moves in general...?

as far as the airwrap stall goes, i do a double bicep wrap version (it doesn't have a dangly bit though so i guess its a little different).


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thanks nat i love you too.

any other techily named things that are really dull unimaginative names and would be better for a bit of silliness.

and it was derived from your double elbow thing but its veryvery different... tell you what tho, come to edinburgh and i'll show you.... got some other tasty new tings too, airwrap suicides clean(finally) tings like that....

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So we're calling 'air wrap stalls' un-nameable?

Now we're just gettin' lazy.

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Yes, let's go.
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humm, well cosidering there are 1,2,3,4,5 (?) types of stall and robs move uses 2 diffrent specific ones, its not enough, no.


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not lazy. imaginative(unlike you yanks )

and airwrap stalls are not unnameable. but this move is tooo cute to be called a double thingammy-bob shenanigan twister-wrap. sorry if you misunderstood me.

got a couple of new airwrap stalls after rereading this thread... i will name and shame them on my next hop visit(no promises)

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