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Posted:I was reading recent threads and read something about going outside, inside, outside... so playing with my 5 beat rev that I like so much.. I brought it back inside my body, then back outside my arm and over to the nextside... throw a large loop when they seperate in the normal 5 beat part and you got a pretty kick ass little move there... fun for turns too... now considering my hand motions for my 5 beat rev weave involve my lead hand in a motion similar to an alternating butterfly.. I went ahead and continued the motion making almost like a corkscrew side ways (i understand that's all weave rreally is.. but my hand motions for my corkscrews are a little different then my normal weave motions.. now it took me a while to stop hitting the insides of my arms, but I finally got the hang of it... I was wondering if anyone had another way to do this that was slighty less uncomfortable.. Because if I could find a way to swing it back towards the inside of my body a little easier I might be able to do it at a decent speed... LOL... So far I've shortened my strings a little bit, but that only helped to learn the motions a little.. the motions a little...

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