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  Posted: hi, i'm a bit confused to what an airwrap is and how to do one.
from what i've read in past posts it seems like it is when one Poi wraps around the string or chain of the other, but how do you actually do this. I mean do you just swing both Poi in front of you in opposite directions or do you swing them as if you are going to do the butterfly?? please help me i am a confused and puzzled poi-er

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  Posted:one airwrap. performed by bluecat rob @ 3:42 on 'how to'.

good luck

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  Posted:Erm, I'm not good at describing stuff....but if you can do a 5 beat weave imagine doing it but instead of crossing your hands, the extra cross happens on the strings while you keep you're hands still.

They basically involve winding the strings up on one side of your body and unwinding them on the other with as many beats as you like.

That's only one kind of airwrap though....

Maybe one of the nerds'll come and explain it a bit better.

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  Posted:theres also a thread called 'hyperloops- the basic 4 beat' which has a video clip, all the theory should be on there too....


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