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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > iso thread the needle, every which way

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happy hunting
Location: Brisnyland
Member Since: 7th Dec 2002
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Posted:im really getting into isolating everything and thread the needle is fun to do it with because u have to dance around it to keep it solid, from the front it looks like one small cirle, its getting a little tricky when i try double ttn.. just thought id share it, have fun..
happy hunting
myth mitch

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Location: Sheffield, England
Member Since: 13th Dec 2000
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Posted:Sounds too easy. Not gunna bother with a simple move like that.


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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
Member Since: 8th Nov 2002
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Posted:Now do a iso bf leave (Which is actually a TTN weave)


big and good and broken
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Posted:hey mitch

good to hear you're still playing man.

been trying to sort out isolated reels but i end up looking like i'm doing the funky chicken. badly.

got me some sticks now though...

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