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I always did the 4 beat hyperloop as described by coleman here
and now I discovered the 2 beat version which is actually not that bad as well (Probably a standard move for the pros but a nice start into hyperloops for beginners since it is easier to learn imho)
The basic difference to the one coleman describes is that from right to left the left hand is on top and from left to right the right hand is on top. But a video explains it best me thinks


it is Quicktime so you can watch it frame by frame - hope it helps - enjoy the game

PS: Probably you have to refresh the page - the same link as to the isolated weaves(not online anymore)

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2 beat hyperloop.
nice 2 beat
but, yep count again, touch at vertical, got round to vertical, unwrap at the next vertical, I count 2.

and the wrap is really close to the middle of the poi on the first one, I like theat, the next 2 are a bit looser.
cool nice

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Topic used to be "hyperloop weave (3beat)"

1 count 2
one on the same side two on the opposite side, ??3??
not three ??!!
think I have to agree ? - but would be nice if you could explain further. Wouldnt it be a 2 beat if you only wrap from one side to the other?

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To learn - read. To know - write. To master - teach . . .

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c'mon Glass

explain your orange ass

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just watch the vid and count dude - two 2bt hyperloops with the hands up the other way.

i think its the same count as the move as i described except i can't count.

maybe i'll just be quiet now...

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but the poi do the same rotations as in a 3beat weave -> 3 beat hyperloop weave
4(5) beat hyperloop video coming soon + 9 beat no wrap vid if anybody is interested.

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