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AustinBRONZE Member
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Can anyone direct me in doing the alternating weave (where on Poi is going forwards and the other backwards). I can do it in figure of eight and have looked at a video of split time TTN as it is basically that but from one side of you to the other.

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uh butterfly weave?

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I dont know no nothing about TTN's ....but if you do a inward butterfly on one side of your body and go to a outward butterfly on the other side and the back again ( for one beat only on each side ) the you're doing a butterfly weave....
I guess you can do that with TTN's to but I dont see the point......same thing aint it?
A nice move by the way.....makes a burn look way more nicer .........

and yeah.....butterfly weave = alternate weave....choose a name to use .........


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AustinBRONZE Member
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maybe i didnt explain it properly. It is a move where you have three beats. You do the backwards weave with say your left hand and the forwards with your right.

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that's a butterfly weave dude.
sometimes called a ttn weave if you do it same time.

i find split-time looks nice for odd beats, same-time for even beats.

if you do a search through the Poi Moves section you should find a bunch of threads to help you out with this.

my advice is to take it step by step.
there are four positions to a bf weave:
both hands on left
arms crossed to opposite sides right arm on top
both hands on right
arms crossed to opposite sides left arm on top.

as you're spinning a butterfly you can pause at any of these points (ie. keep spinning with your arms stuck in the positions) so try to transition between them in the order above with the Poi spinning in opposite directions and see how you go...

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just a thing i picked up the other day,

when learning to bf weave try do the figure 8 movements with your hands but with the butterfly.
once you have this then try move the other hand over on top. its easier and doesnt look that different from the outside.

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Originally posted by BlackFireJack:
I guess you can do that with TTN's to but I dont see the point......same thing aint it?
I disagree, sorry to single you out here, this classifies as Poi move ignorance.

Probably one of the heardest moves to learn and get right is the 5 beat split time TTN weave, show me a video of some one doing it well.
its a really nice move to do and watch.

Stone Cold:

if you go here and watch the 4 beat TTN video, and read the thread, you will understand how to do a split time variation, learn both directions and then progress on to the 5 beat split time TTN weave.
good luck stone cold.


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