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Ok... I was going through the video downloads on HOP and I came across Shadowfire's video...
There are two moves that I absolutely must learn- been trying for weeks n can't get it.
The first is a butterfly turn (looks sick) looks like a reverse bf that he brings over his head while turning. he then brings it down at 180 deg to start a normal bf.
The second move (even sicker!) looks like a cross between a 3beat weave and a standard 1 beat crossover (you know when you are doing forward turns and you switch hands..)
many thanks to anyone who can help me...

RicheeRicheeBRONZE Member
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The first one:

It transition between forward and backward BF, but when you turn BF stay still at one place,he dont take it over head but only turn
body!! . Just try it ..
(it's more easy start with normal BF)


JinXmushroom collector
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i havent seen the video,


if its the trick i think it is do a normal bf, then bring your poi up as though to do a bth bf but then turn 90 degrees, you will see the poi are going in opposite directions, do now bring bring one poi up (the one on the side of your body where you where faceing) and turn a further 90 degrees and you are doing a rev bf.

now do this in one move and you got it. sorry if the distription is bad but its the best i can figure with words

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