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I cant 5bt weave cos my arms arent twirley enuf ... n me thread the needle is still non existent ... but at least I can weave... HURAAY!

PsyriPsyriSILVER Member
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BTW i have looked @ the tutorials its just I'm crap... oh ne tips for the BTB Butterfly?

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Your not crap. You can already do more than the most of the population of the world. therefore you are already in the elite.

With the btb butterfly try going from the forward butterfly and throw both of your hands behind your back when the poi are at the top of their arcs the should meet behind you when they are back to the bottom of the arc and you can flow nicely. Pretend you have a tail and are thrying to grab it. This just helped me to train my hands to go in the same place everytime.

Good luck


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Tennis is right, you're not crap. How can you be? Yeah sure you might not quite get the moves you want to but everytime you pick up your Poi and have a spin you improve.

Right, Behind the Back Butterfly (I suck at this)

As with everything learn it with each hand individually as well as both together.
From what I have gathered it is easier to learn from the Reverse Butterfly. Practise the Mexican Wave (if you can) and try holding each arm behind yuor back whilst the other is in front of you, then switch.
Do that a few (dozen, hundred?) times and it'll develop. If your getting angry that it isn't working, stop try something else or just have a rest and a think about it.

Next - Thread the Neadle (TtN).

Drop one of your poi, stick an arm straight out, now practice TtN by crossing (and uncrossing) your arms whilst spinning the 1 poi in a butterfly motion.
You should have to move your empty arm/hand out of the way every so often, that's pretty much it but you'll need to practice with the other arm holding the poi and then with both.

Finally - 5 Beat Weave (this is not the easiest of things to learn).

And I doubt I can help much more than the videos, I'd say do a search but they rarely focus on the areas that are causing problems for you (me/anyone).

So the best I can say is,

Take your arms, place the straight out in front of you(no Poi) put your wrists against one another (sort of like you would to clap, but not) and then bend your hands 90 degrees outwards.

Now cross you wrists over, the bottom of one hand should be touching the top of the other. This is as twisted as your wrists will get for the 5 beat weave. Of course it's harder to do than that but then once you've learned how it isn't.

Good Luck and I hope that wasn't too long and badly written.


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or come to Manchester this weekend and spin with us Even if you juts get over for a couple of hours on Sunday we should be able to help a whole lot.

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Here here!

Come to Manchester! Space in the car up for grabs!...


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i can do a 4 beat weave but just cant get the 5b coz i alway bring the oppsite hand back to the other side (make sence) and cant get it to stay on the right side for the 3rd beat.

sugestions (i know the theory and can do it without poi) (just my hands)

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