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I have been trying for ages to get these moves down but i just can't do em! When I get close to haveing my hands cross for the BTB weave the poi just tangle and i hit myself. Anyone have any tips on how to get this trick down? Also with the rev. weave what are the hand movements? Because when I try it I always end up doing a foreward .

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I read your post and I had to look at who posted it just to make sure it wasn't me...
I am having exactly the same issues. I start off doing the reverse and then end up going forward...and when I try to get the btb...well I'm just a mess. I've started trying to do it in front of a full length mirror so maybe I can see what it is that I'm doing wrong.
Any skilled professionals feel like helping us out?

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Are you turning from forward weave into reverse, or just tring to get the reverse going from scratch?

I know for me it was easier to learn by turning into it.

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Well I have sort of given up for now on the BTB as I hurt too many things to do it for a while... but I can do the reverse. The only problem I have is I have this tendancy to bring the poi together instead of them being at opposite sides of the rotation... I think it has something to do with the way I bring my left hand over, but Im still figuring it out.

The BTB... well I'm getting closer... I can move my arms better back there now, but I still can't get it...

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I found if u learn the figure of 8 with one hand at a time and get comfortable with the movements behind you back when you come to put them together you're a bit more aware of what goes where...things still tangle at first but if you've got the right pattern its easier to practice putting it all together.

I did pretty much the same with the reverse weave, just got really used to what the did hands seperately and then persevered with both hands...hope this is even slighly helpful...good luck

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With the reverse BTB weave the hand that is reaching across your body goes on the inside of your two hands - so your right hand crosses over to the left and goes in between your left arm and your body... vice versa on the other side.

With forwards BTB the hand that is reaching across goes on the outside of your two hands... which is why I still can't do it, hmph.

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what helped me was getting my hands crossed behind my back and spinning the poi forwards, so its the reverse btb weave.

anyway try the turning thing the poi show you how to do it. you just have to be able to follow

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Hi - got a question I hope someone will be able to answer.

I need advice on the BTB 3 beat weave.
I just mastered the basics of this move today, but keep getting frustrated beacuse I can't find an effective way to get it started.
At the moment I'm getting into it by doing a reverse 3 beat weave in front of me and then quickly moving my arms behind my back, but this is messy and doesn't always work.
Anyone have an easier way to get into it?

RellizateRellizateGOLD Member
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Well spin the poi on either side split time. Then go into a two beat weave, do it a few times to get the hand of it, and then just go into the 3bt weave.

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I transition from splitting one in back and one in front, just reverse circles, and then pull into it by bringing one across the back all the way and one up and over
did that make sense, maybe that is the 2bt weave, I don't know, but it looks nice

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sketchsketchGOLD Member
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The way i do it is from forward (you can learn to do it from the weave after).

So spin bot poi forward then step forward with your right foot and swivel 180 deg so you facing the other way.
Do that without changing your poi postitions.
This shold mean that your right arm is around your back and you left arm is across your front, both spinning backwards (if that makes sense).
From there, do a long arm circle with you left, out in front and up all the way over the top of the other (left side) and use this as the first BTB weave beat as it comes down behind you.

You can get this really smooth and just turn straight with some practice, hope you understood, have fun!

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Thanks - it has just suddenly clicked and now I can do it easily *rolls eyes*

Sketch; your way is intriging - I shall try it out as soon as possible.

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