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Posted:I am chuffed... I can swing poi without tanglin them up... one handed... still probs wi one handed butterfly. DOH! NE1 else?

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Posted:i saw this dude once do it by holding the poi in his mouth!

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Posted:been playing with one handed oth butterfly over the last few days. I've hurt myself more doing it than spinning in total over the past half year



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Posted:I find one handed poi is a lot of fun. I can't do a one handed weave yet and my one handed butterfly can only go for a short period of time before they start hitting each other unless I do it slow.

I was trying to go from regular time butterfly (poi meet at top and bottom to what I think is split time (poi meet on left and right) and the only way I could transition one handed was to do "diagonal time" where the poi meet at the top left and bottom right or top right and bottom left and then I go into split time from there. I discovered it's kind of neat to do a butterfly that meets at top and bottom, then top left and bottom right then left and right then top and bottom then top right and bottom left then top and bottom. I think it gives a rotating effect but It's hard to tell from my perspective. It probably looks best two handed because you can do it a lot faster.



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Posted:I do lots of one handed poi moves check out practice practice practice video to see some of the moves I do.

Hope you have lots of fun working out what else is possibleith one handed poi moves.

Video thread

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Posted:quote:originally posted by iop
i saw this dude once do it by holding the poi in his mouth!

That'd be our Jez

Despite his claims, there are many one-handed and no-handed poi moves he hasn't got on the video.

His new no-handed split time butterfly is one of the coolest/funniest poi moves i've ever seen.

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Posted:yeah, get into metiors, that will give you a nice one hand repetoir to play with. once you get the butterfly it just sits there, use your top fingers/thumb to keep the poi off plane so they dont hit.


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