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Someone tell me or show me how to do a 7 beat weave without wrapping. i have been obsessing over this for a long time. please.

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maybe I'll figure out how to do it tonight and add it to the next tutorial video.... failing that, PK has a nice video showing a 6 beat corkscrew no wrap, which is basically the same thing

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keyword search for a thread title
"glass" "video" and "shadow".
its ugly.

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I can do this sometimes... not really practised it enough though. This method doesn't involve quite so much arm twisting though

Start with a 3-beat weave. Where your right hand would normally cross over to your left side instead twist at your shoulders (warning... can be painful!) and bring the right hand back under on your right side and then move both your arms across to the left so that the left hand leads. If you can do this without your arms touching then you've done a 5-beat weave...

Then do the same sort of thing while starting with a 5-beat weave and you end up with a 7-beat weave

Edited to add that you obviously have to do this on both sides to get the full 7 beats And theoretically I guess you can use this sort of thing to get even more beats... if your arms can take it!

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Have a nice link


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it helps if you can figure out how to walk along with the weave, it means your shoulders have less bending to do!

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you say twist your shoulders but in what way? i am trying to figure out the 5b not the 7b.

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carsten - turn at the waist to face the direction your hands are weaving on on (for example, to your right hand side).
after your right arm comes on top, do not cross it over - keep the right poi on the right of your body.
as the poi start to force your arms to twist around each other, you rotate your shoulders to add an extra beat and use the left poi to cross over to the left of your body.
its not the neatest 5bt but i think it may be that raptor thing arashi was going on about a little while ago...

having said all that, its probably best to learn it first with the standard wrist twist thing to get your extra circle.

[normal 5bt: same description as above but you don't need to turn at the waist.
keep the right poi on the right of your body and wrap your wrists around each other instead of rotating your shoulders to allow the left poi to lead the cross over.]

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weird! i can handle a 6 beat but the extra beat is on my weaker side

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I have discovered that a strait arm no wrap 7 beat is a lot easier than the bent arm version that glass does.

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