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HiSad news. We need to find a new venue for the Tueday night juggling. I don't know how long its going to take but I'll keep everyone posted on here. Thank everyone who came and made it a special place!!! Loads of loveDimitri

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thats a shame. what is the whole drome closing, or is it just tuesday juggling ?

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The Drome venue is now closed.
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They lost the license a while ago and they've been losing money ever since as they try to resolve the legal issue.Dimitri, thanks for organising things! JJ at the Drome is where I discovered Poi (back at the Full Moon Party) and it'd be a shame to miss that kind of workshop/club cross over.Dom

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hey DimitriI heard about the drome, that sucks.Apparently, according to brian, we will hear, whether we can keep the building, at the beginning of september.Hope it goes OK.peace outgarbo
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